The Thirsty Cave - CD Limited Special Edition Digipack!
EUR 13,00
The Thirsty Cave - CD limited special edition digipack. Studio album 2016. 10 Tracks. Booklet with pictures and lyrics. ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2015! : celtc-rock .de “This is a tremendously good album and I feel it is the Greenland Whalefishers best release to date. Without a doubt “The Thirsty Cave” will leave the listener thirsty for more!” Paddy Rock Radio ( Pennsylvania USA ) “After 20 years, Greenland Whalefishers new album is as fresh as their earlier material. I’d say that a Greenland Whalefisher album is like a Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbø. They never let us down and we (the fans) enjoy it from the beginning to the end. Norway’s best exports.” Celtic-Folk-Punk ( Spain )

EUR 13,00
The song "Rocky Road To London" from this album was featured in the movie Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day. Studio album released in 2006. 13 TRACKS

Loboville - CD
EUR 13,00
Loboville is rated among the 10 best paddy punk albums EVER by Shite N´ Onions. Studio album released in 2001. 11 TRACKS

The Mainstreet Sword - CD
EUR 9,00
Debut album released in 1996. 13 TRACKS

Streets of Salvation - CD
EUR 13,00
Studio album released in 2004. 12 TRACKS

Greenland Whalefishers / The Tans Split - 7inch Green Vinyl
EUR 7,00
Limited Edition 7´ green vinyl. Side A is Greenland Whalefishers: Track 1 "Loralay", track 2 "Roddy McCorley". Side B is The Tans, a punk band from the UK who sings songs about Irish history ex-Dogshit Sandwhich. This was released by 6 European labels and is down to the last couple of hundred and will not be re-pressed so pick up this while you can.

Joining Forces - CD " Best Of "
EUR 9,00
16 track "best of" release from the folky punkers of Greenland Whalefishers! As a bonus you get 7 songs from SMZB. A punkrock band from China and tourmates of the GWF. Released 2010.

DVD Documentary "20 Years Of Waiting"
EUR 18,00
“all was answered and more by this amazing Rockumentary celebrating 20 years of one of the greatest Paddy Punk bands in the world ever.” ” …kick ass live footage of the band in their youth til today…” “…in-depth interviews, humorous shorts by fellow musicians/promoters in the Paddy Rock scene…” “… a stellar band in the Celtic Rock & Folk-Punk scene…” “..finally here is a DVD on one of my favorite bands of all time… do yourself a favor and pick it up.” In the event of Greenland Whalefishers celebrating their 20 years anniversary in 2014, the band releases a DVD rockumentary. The DVD includes never before seen footage and the complete story of irish punk pioneers Greenland Whalefishers+bonus music video. Duration 1hour 38min of pure unpolished irish punk, made by Norwegians! English language, no subtitles. No area restrictions. Parental advisory, explicit content.

SONGS FROM the BUNKER - CD including bonus music video
EUR 13,00
CD including music video for the song "Waiting". Sudio album released in 2010. 15 TRACKS

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